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Our Team

Rahmon is an entrepreneur and international speaker. Whilst at Warwick University he co-founded a music streaming startup that raised $2 million in seed funding. Rahmon also sits on the advisory board of One Tech and has extensive knowledge in Edtech and Media.

Team: Team

Erika Brodnock

Erika is a Research Officer in The Inclusion Initiative at LSE where she is also a PhD candidate. She is a Visiting Research Fellow at KCL and Sky News’ resident parenting expert. Erika's expertise is in the edtech sector where she is recognised as a multi-award winning entrepreneur. Erika serves on the board of the APPG for Entrepreneurship and The Good Play Guide.

Tom Adeyoola (S).png

Tom Adeyoola

Tom is a technology entrepreneur. He founded Metail, an apparel technology scale-up acquired by apparel manufacturer TAL Group. Tom currently serves on a number of boards including Verco, ‘Do-Nation’ and MeWe360 and was the inspiration behind the British government’s Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS).


Patricia Hamzahee

Patricia as an investor, donor and mentor. She advises companies on responsible investment strategies and helps social enterprises attract private capital. Patricia also sits or has sat on the board of multiple bodies aimed at solving the underrepresentation of minorities and females including Women in Social Finance and the Black Cultural Archives.


Kekeli Anthony

Kekeli is a strategy & management consultant with professional experience in the financial services, HR and technology industries. Whilst at Oxford, Kekeli founded the university's first student-run investment society and returned 40% in its first year.


Saka Nuru

Saka is a marketing leader, VC scout & tech investor. His expertise spans product innovation, marketing, sales, and strategic partnerships. Saka is passionate about Fintech, Technology, Venture Capital, Culture, Conversation. He is a Venture Scout at Backed VC, a €50m community-driven seed-stage VC fund, based in London


Tosin Sulaiman

Tosin is an investor relations professional and a former journalist with Reuters and The Times. She holds a BA in Social and Political Sciences from Cambridge University and an MBA from London Business School.


Glen Learmond

Glen is a data consultant in the Insights team at Tech Nation where he focuses on domestic and international digital technology investment. Glen holds a BS in Computer Science and a master's degree in Big Data from King’s College London.


Rahmon Agbaje


Maatin Adewunmi

Maatin is a data and strategy consultant who regularly advises new startups. He's also founded Staircase, a prop-tech startup democratising the housing for Millenials.


Raffaele Nolli

Raffaele is an Analyst at Extend Ventures. He specialises in data sourcing, pipelines and analysis, with a keen interest in good coding practices and software maintainability. He has a background in applied physics, having worked on quantum technology research at University of Birmingham


David Olojede

David is a Data Scientist. Proficient in Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL), Structured Query Language (SQL), data visualizations with Tableau, and Python for data analysis and building machine learning models. He received an MSc in Data Analytics from the University of Portsmouth along with a bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Landmark University


Peter-Vaughan Thompson

Peter-Vaughan holds a BSC in Management Studies, emphasis in Marketing. A Data scientist with compelling interests in Fintech and marketing data. He currently holds the role of data consultant at Extend Ventures

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